About Shawn Key

  • There is a production company shopping a sizzler reel to cable channels for Shawn’s support of national security initiatives and work with the intelligence community and law enforcement. See the video.
  • Some of his umbrella companies have received numerous financial awards and grants over the past few years. Some of them can be found here including $150k from Mach37 (Cyber Accelerator) and the Center of Innovative Technology (CIT).
  • He also was awarded the Dell Founders 50 award for creating one of the fifty most important technologies in the world. Read more about it here and here.
  • Another of his companies won second place in the National Security Agency (NSA) Tandem NSI contest. Read more here.
  • Former Presidential Candidate and Hewlett-Packard  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carly Fiorina and presented the first place award to Shawn Key. Read it here.
  • Army Civilian of Honor Award Nominee, Army Material Command 1999
  • Army Reserve Deputy CIO Nominee 2001
  • University Professor
  • CISSP Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (for life)
  • OCONUS mentions:
  • Bosnia-Hercegovina
  • Afghanistan/Iraq
  • Bulgaria Land Forces (NATO)
  • Plausible Deniability work: Monterrey/Monclova, Mexico, DEA (Columbia, South America by way of Dahlgren, VA)
  • Monterrey Mexico (counter narco)
  • Active Shooter Response (FBI Philadelphia and FBI CIO Office)
  • Boston Bombing DHS/FBI
  • Missing Children Investigations (Fairfax County LE)

Shawn Key
CEO, President

On a personal note,  Shawn has a professional background in music and has written and recorded with artists selling over 50M albums such as Steve Augeri (former lead singer of Journey). Listen to it here!

He enjoys metal detecting in Virginia for Civil War relics and has amassed a “mini-museum” of artifacts much to the chagrin of his  daughters!