The CYBR KYC has ended.

What happens next? Claim your tokens!

Thank you! The KYC Tokensale has ended. We stored a full history of you as our clients and your transactions. All tokens will be distributed before we list on an exchange.

To send you your tokens we ask you to fill out the form below. We already know most history, but we need to be extra secure and we need to know you have the same transaction history as we do.

Remember the ‘Pending’ remark in the KYC Platform? Those are your bought CYBR Tokens pending! Now please read carefully how to get them:

Option 1. (Recommended)
Use your own wallet! Please give us the ETH/ERC20 Address you want to use. You can use any ERC20 supported wallet you want, like MEW, Trustwallet (verified CYBR), Eidoo (verified CYBR), Enjin (verified CYBR), MyCrypto, etc… We will send your purchased CYBR tokens there before the exchange listing. 

Option 2. (Not recommended)
We made you an ETH/ERC20 Address in the KYC where we can store your CYBR on. If you want to use that address please let us know, we will provide you with your private key and send your CYBR tokens there. You will than have to import this address into any ERC20 supported wallet before you can use your tokens. Of course, you can trust us but CYBR will actually have your private key. It is for this reason we offer and recommend you Option 1.

Send us the details: