BlindSpot MVP

CYBR BlindSpot is a Specialized Threat Assessment and Protection (STAP) solution, which identifies adaptive persistent threats (APTs) within enterprise systems.

CYBR BlindSpot is currently available as an endpoint client for Windows 10x and higher. The client is a “light” install that resides on the Windows O/S device. The client connects to the CYBR secure data center where a “snapshot” of the file hash values are taken and compared to our proprietary database of known problematic files and malicious code. If a malicious file is identified, BlindSpot notifies the client in real-time and the file can be quarantined or deleted depending upon the policy settings of the device’s framework or platform.

The CYBR BlindSpot code is currently available as an application plug-in (API) or indicator or compromise (IoC) funnel and integrates into solutions like Tanium or Anomali. These platforms are currently required although a standalone version of BlindSpot will be available in 1Q 2019.

BlindSpot is currently installed in enterprise organizations and can support up to a thousand endpoints per crush server (inquire about purchasing by emailing us at [email protected]).